Sir Charlesもそのひとり。

"He's a hell of a player, and he's an annoying guy," Barkley said of Marchand during a Tuesday conference call, according to Andy Kostka of USA Today. "Draymond is a hell of a player, and he's an annoying guy. There's a bunch of really good players who are really annoying to play against, and you would want to play with them. So, I look at Draymond and Marchand as the same type of players. Just terrific players who would be really annoying to play against, and you really want to punch them in the face."

Although both players have perfected being a pest while also performing at a high level, one of them has to be slightly more annoying than the other.




NHL warns Bruins' Brad Marchand to stop licking opponents | The StarToronto Star








by Hooks Orpik

Leonard is probably more amusing as a player with such like phrases as the “board man gets paid” slogan that’s become a meme lately, it would be weird to think of Crosby spurting out little sayings like that, but as far as top players in their game at the moment, and being upstanding and great citizens away from competition, it looks like Barkley made a great comparison.

Kawhi甥っ子くんがSidと一緒に“being upstanding and great citizens away from competition”と評されるだなんて、スポーツの世界は『勝てば官軍』なのだなあ...。👀



『2000年代の最も謙虚なスーパースター10人』にはSid、甥っ子くんに加え、こちらも8月7日生まれのMike Troutさん、David Beckham、Rafael Nadal、Tim Duncanらの名前が。