NBA, NHL|妻への暴行で逮捕され有罪を認めたジェイソン・キッドとスラヴァ・ヴォイノフについて、ロサンゼルス・レイカーズとキングズの判断は二分






"Today the NHL arbitrator rendered a final decision on further discipline to Slava Voynov. From our perspective, the player will not be playing for the Kings. We will now determine the impact of the arbitrator's decision on our rights to the player and consider our options going forward."

取りあえず古巣Los Angeles Kingsでの復帰はなくなった。他のチームから要請があればトレードには応じるということかな。いずれにせよKingsの賢明な判断に敬意を表したい。✊


一方、Kingsとホームアリーナを同じくするLos Angeles Lakersは、DV歴のあるJason Kiddをアシスタントコーチとして雇い入れた。

By Dylan Hernandez | May 13, 2019

If Kidd can deliver victories, the Lakers’ fan base probably will look past these stigmas. These were the same fans who never wavered in their support of Kobe Bryant, after all.




彼がプレイするのを見たことは一度もない。The Players' Tribuneへの寄稿を読んで以来、心の師匠として尊敬申し上げているのだ。

Let me tell you about “the heat of the moment.”


And so I screamed for my roommate. I said, “Coby, come help me.” And the first thing he said was, “William, don’t hit her.” And I told him, “No, I’m not trying to touch her. I don’t want to touch her. I just need help getting out of here.”

We ended up calling the police, and I went outside, as far away from the situation as possible, to wait. [...]


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