先日のドラフトでSpursが2巡目49位で指名した『最もベネディクト・カンバーバッチぽい名前』の新人Quinndary Weatherspoonくんは、皆に合わせていては枠に収まらなかったらしく、ひとりだけフォントが小さくなっていて可笑しい。😁

番記者Jabari Youngさんが指摘したのは、あるアシスタントコーチの名前。

縁故採用の少なくないコーチの世界。Kerr息子やBilly Donovan息子の次はSteph Curryの関係者かよ...と疑いを持ったことは否定しません(でもたぶん無関係)。



選手たちからは『コーチEddie』と呼ばれるEdneisha Curryは、NCAA男子ディビジョンIバスケットボールにおいて、唯一の女性アシスタントコーチなのだそう。


By Cecelia Townes | Mar 31, 2018

After hanging up her jersey in 2009, Curry jumped full time into coaching and spent several years developing players in Vietnam, China, Israel and Palestine. At various points in her international coaching career, she was in charge of entire basketball programs -- she led Jr. NBA skills clinics, participated in the Nike pre-draft Chicago school and was the head coach and basketball skill development trainer with a team in Taiyuan, China.

Since returning to the United States, her grind hasn't stopped. She's worked as an assistant basketball player development coach for the Maine women's basketball team, a post she took on in 2015, conducted camps for the Atlanta Hawks and Dream, and is a two-time participant in the NBA's Assistant Coaches Program (a program that trains attendees on how to become pro-level coaches). Through each step of her journey, she's soaked up knowledge and passed it on to her players.




コーチEddieのボス、Richard Barronが話すのを聞いていて、最近Tumblrで見たこれを思い出した。彼のことはEmma姉さんも認めてくれそうな気がする(笑)。





By Lindsay Gibbs | May 15, 2019

TP: Speaking of recruiting, that’s such a huge part of your job as an assistant coach — have you experienced any pushback dealing with teenage boys and their families on the recruiting trail?

EC: No. Look, I feel like this is a cool thing about this generation — and I’m bringing the WNBA into this. There are so many WNBA players that have great young men that are now in high school, now in college, now even in the NBA. These young, young boys and young men grew up having the WNBA on. They grew up in a gym playing basketball, learning basketball, from women. They grew up around elite girls basketball teams in high school, as their college classmates.

So when I get on the line, and I’m talking to a recruit, half of my recruits know my story better than I do! I’ve talked to recruits who said, “Oh, I told my mom I was talking to you!” And then their mom is all excited. You know, it’s just a different — it’s a different time and a different era.

この部分を読んでいて、非常にupliftingで素敵だなあと思ったのだが、元WMBA選手を母に持たない日本の若い男子バスケット選手の意識はどうなのだろう? 😳


サマー・リーグのコーチの名前を見てみると、Austin Spursでアシスタントコーチを務めるBilly Donovan息子くんの下にも女性の名前がある。ちょっと調べてみたところ、NBA Academy Latin Americaで紹介されていた。


Player Development Coach
Coach Lorena Infantes has extensive Head coaching experience at the university and professional club level in Chile and Spain, most notably serving as the head coach of the U17 Chilean Women’s National Team and the Chilean Wheelchair National Basketball Team. In addition to her coaching experience, Lorena is a certified personal trainer. Her first language is Spanish, and is conversational in both English and Italian.