Spurs|進化するNBAの最新トレンド、練習施設コートに引かれた『4ポイント・ライン』 ディジャンテ・マリーのリハビリは8ヶ月マークを突破!




大怪我からのリハビリは肉体的にも精神的にもキツくないはずがないのに、文字通りDay 1からポジティブだったDJ。8ヶ月突破おめでとうございます!


出身地が近いうえに同じくリハビリ中のLaVine先輩からはエール。ところでZach LaVineとUtahのRudy Gobertは(特に髪を刈り込んだとき)顔が似ているような気がする、仮面ライダー系というのか。





eeveeritt15: There an extra arc a few feet back from the 3pt line. Could it be that theyre working on shooting from that deep too?

  • honsuo73: That might just be there for Bryn and Davis lol
  • definitely_not_kanye: Yes, they very well may be although that's probably not made specifically for Dejounte. It has become a recent trend for teams to include this new so-called "4-point line" in their practice facilities' markings to help players shoot deeper threes more instinctively as the line acts kind of as a visual reminder. Here's an ESPN story about it.




Dec 18, 2018 | Malika Andrews

冒頭に描写されているTrae Youngの仕草に気づいて、この記事が生まれたのだろうか、だとしたらクールだなあ!

以前も書いたように、Trae YoungといえばプレシーズンのSpurs対Atlanta戦であっさり放った(かに見える)決勝3ポインターだ。あれには衝撃を受けた。



Atlanta targeted Young out of Oklahoma in the 2018 draft lottery, with hopes of building an offense around his long-range shooting and passing skills. Because Young is willing and able to shoot off the dribble from well beyond the 3-point arc, defenders are forced to step out to defend him almost as soon as he crosses half court. Although he already had that range before he joined the Hawks, Young acknowledges that not everybody has the natural instinct to pull up from that deep, so it helps to have a visual reminder.


『4ポイント・ライン』など練習用コートの改造を、76ersのBrett Brown先生は何と呼んでいるか。

Over the past few years, the NBA has experienced an offensive explosion. And as coaches have sought to keep up with high-efficiency offenses that continue to get smarter and faster thanks to the boom in analytics, they have begun reimagining the court itself.

"I call it 'game-ify,'" Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown says. "We game-ify the gym." He knows that isn't a word (at least not in exactly the way he's using it), but Philadelphia's practice court has been "game-ified," morphology be damned.



The corner 3 obsession started in San Antonio, where the Spurs finished top five in the league in corner 3s per game from 2001 to 2013. The shots are prized because the NBA 3-point line isn't a true arc but rather is 22 feet from the hoop in the corners and 23.75 feet above the break.