NBA, NHL|『胎児の心音(ハートビート)法』で妊娠6週頃からの中絶を禁止する、NBA/NHLチームのある州は?











チャイルドサポートといえば、いまだBryn Forbesの顔をみるたびに「一体どのような事情があって養育費を払っていなかったのだ?」と考えてしまう。🤨

NBA's Bryn Forbes in custody fight with Lansing woman over their sons

One of the concerns raised about Taylor is that she moves frequently, 10 times since her older son was born. But she and her attorney argue that’s driven in part by her lack of resources. She hasn’t received child support, although Forbes paid for day care when she had the kids.



  • Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA
  • Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL)

Ohioの他にGeorgia, Kentucky, Mississippiも『胎児の心音(ハートビート)法』を導入しており、さらに我らがSpursが本拠地を置くTexasなどいくつかの州でも導入に向けた動きがあるそう。

By Anna North | Updated May 7, 2019

The rise of heartbeat bills in 2019 is a sign of where the abortion debate is today. A few years ago, such bans were considered too extreme even by some anti-abortion groups, said Rachel Sussman, the national director of state policy and advocacy at Planned Parenthood Action Fund. But with Donald Trump in the White House and Justice Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, abortion opponents around the country are eager to challenge Roe v. Wade. And banning abortion just six weeks into pregnancy may be a way to do that.


By Emily Wax-Thibodeaux and Ariana Eunjung Cha | May 7

Georgia, which previously banned abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, is the fourth state to enact a six-week ban in 2019. Similar “heartbeat” bills are in the works in 10 other states — Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, South Carolina and West Virginia — according to the Guttmacher Institute. A federal judge has already blocked Kentucky’s law. Other courts struck down similar laws that were recently enacted in Iowa and North Dakota.