SIの記事、『Pensのハッシュタグ #AskNealは大惨事を引き起こした』。

By Dan Treadway | March 24, 2014

On Monday afternoon, the Penguins official Twitter account decided to attempt to engage fans by requesting that they send questions for forward James Neal to the hashtag #AskNeal.

It was an innocent attempt to spur conversation on social media that ultimately took no time at all to completely backfire. Neal, who one former referee recently called "the poster child for what is wrong with the NHL discipline system," definitely had a lot of people who wanted to ask him questions. The issue was that most of them weren't Penguins fans.


Pens Twitter『中の人』ことAndi Perelmanさん(Pensソーシャルメディア責任者)ご本人も、事件とその教訓を語っている。

[...] it’s clear you’ve been very successful in your current position. I now actually want to hear about a failure that you’ve had. What is a memorable story where you failed?

Andi: There have been plenty of tweet failures/social media fails.

My first scary moment in my job was related to a player video series we were posting every week. We’d put out a photo asking for fan questions about a particular player. James Neal was the player that was up that week and we put out the graphic like we always did. It backfired. #AskNeal - you may have heard of it.

In that moment, I didn’t know where the fans “were”. I didn’t realize at that time (I was brand new) that Boston fans were mad at James Neal or Philly fans were mad at James Neal. We were getting responses from opposing fans that he elbowed or kneed someone. Whatever had happened in that time period created this environment that made it not safe like previous players.

I think this was the first failure where I felt I should have tried to stop this from happening. I definitely learned from that experience. I learned I need to know where the fans “are”. Not just our fans, but fans across the league and the general feeling toward a specific player(s). 




失敗から学ぶといえば、前回はちょっとだけ信じそうになった米軍のPR、2003年イラク侵攻における『衝撃と畏怖』作戦(Shock and Awe)。二度とだまされないぞ。